ASECUS AG – Your Partner for IT Security and Related Areas of Expertise

Asecus AG is a leading IT systems integrator specializing in the areas of IT Security, Application Delivery, and IP Address Management. By providing a comprehensive spectrum of services, Asecus can tailor solutions to the specific needs and requirements of the customer.

Founded: 1997

Executive Management:
Werner Kohler and Stefan Hungerbühler

We place high demands on our Security Solutions

Professional data protection is increasing in risk and complexity on a daily basis. E-business is a must in today’s market — with all the security ramifications it presents. Meeting these new and continually evolving challenges is a daunting task for every IT and IT security professional.

Today, security is no longer an issue of grave importance for just banks or insurance companies. Organizations in various industries such as consumer goods, administration, or manufacturing, as well as private individuals seek to protect their networks. And with just reason: the threat of network attacks is constantly growing.


Security is the key for trust in “electronic business”!
 This requires that your IT infrastructure is protected from:

  • Data theft

  • Data destruction

  • Data manipulation

  • Authentication errors

  • Paralysis of your systems


For any project, we provide what you request according to your own resources and needs. We can support you in all phases of a project life cycle:

  • Planning, Design, Engineering, Testing
  • Integration: Configuration/Migration/Implementation, Project Management, Training
  • Help Desk, Troubleshooting, HW/SW Maintenance, Flexible On-call Service up to 24/7.


Taking on more and more responsibility with less and less personnel is not feasible. As specialists, we can lighten your load. Let our solutions be of service to you:

  • Managed Security Services
  • Out-Tasking
  • Cloud Services


Our Services

  1. 1

    Second Opinion
    Security Audits

  2. 2

    Project management

  3. 3

    Help Desk
    HW / SW Maintenance
    On-Call Services
    Managed Security Services
    Cloud Services