The Pentera Automated Security Validation Platform automatically uncovers real exposures in the organization’s environment. It challenges the entire IT attack surface (internal and external) by safely emulating the actions of an attacker, providing real-time security validation at scale.

Requiring no agents or pre-installations, the platform tests the effectiveness of existing security controls including Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR/XDR), Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP), Firewalls, Web Application Firewalls (WAF), and more. The result of the tests provides security teams with an understanding of their defense’s efficacy against modern attacks, offering remediation and mitigation guidelines for security gaps.

With Pentera, organizations can continuously reduce cyber posture by performing validation tests as frequently as needed – daily, weekly, or monthly. Evidence-based test findings are prioritized based on their risk impact, giving organizations the ability to focus remediation efforts on the vulnerabilities that matter the most.

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