The Arctic Wolf Incident Response (IR) JumpStart Retainer is a cutting-edge solution designed to prepare organizations for cyber-attacks without the hefty upfront costs associated with traditional IR retainers. It offers a unique blend of rapid response and proactive planning, featuring an industry-leading 1-hour response time SLA (Service Level Agreement) and an IR Plan Builder for effective incident response planning.

The service includes a thorough IR Plan Review to pinpoint gaps and streamline the response process, ensuring rapid remediation. Arctic Wolf utilizes an Elastic Incident Response Framework, allowing for scalable and efficient management of cyber emergencies, led by a dedicated Incident Director for optimal coordination and communication.

Key features of the IR JumpStart Retainer include:

  • Secure: Immediate threat elimination, ongoing monitoring, and evidence preservation.
  • Analyze: Detailed investigation of the breach’s cause, extent, and impact.
  • Restore: Comprehensive recovery to pre-incident conditions, including data recovery and system restoration, with options for ransom negotiations.
  • Rapid Engagement: Guaranteed 1-hour response time, fast-tracked initial calls, and discounted IR service rates.
  • Full-Service IR Team: From containment to restoration, offering extensive forensics analysis and restoration services.
  • Proactive Planning: Assistance in identifying critical assets and contacts, with a plan review to ensure readiness.

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