DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (IPAM)

Most companies only pay attention to their DNS, DHCP and IPAM infrastructure (DDI) when something goes wrong. However, many companies do not realize that they can reduce network administration costs by 80% with a unified DDI service.

Additionally, the resilience of critical infrastructure can also be greatly improved. Downtime is minimized and latency is reduced, ensuring a smooth network experience. With Adaptive DNS, you can also unify your critical DDI infrastructure under one intelligently and centrally managed network. This gives you centralized visibility and control over your DNS traffic around the clock. This helps you to eliminate threats and meet compliance standards.

BlueCat – DNS

BlueCat DNS provides scalable, resilient and highly available DNS services for the entire enterprise, with the flexibility to deploy them in centralized, high-throughput architectures or in fully distributed environments. BlueCat DNS further simplifies deployment for physical, virtual and cloud environments by automating the assignment of IP addresses and names.

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BlueCat – DHCP

BlueCat DHCP ensures that your critical network infrastructure and business-critical core services are reliable, resilient and highly available. With functions such as DHCP Failover and Crossover High Availability (xHA), interruptions are reduced to a minimum. Integrated monitoring gives security teams the ability to remove or quarantine devices that violate corporate policies with a single click.

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BlueCat – IPAM

BlueCat IPAM offers a powerful, software-centric IPAM solution (IP Address Management) that allows you to take control of your dynamic network. With centralized management and interoperability across the network ecosystem, BlueCat IPAM provides information and insight into the relationship between the devices, users and IP addresses on your network.

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BlueCat – Gateway

BlueCat Gateway is an extensible platform that enables you to take on complex, resource-intensive, automated tasks and create cleaner, simpler implementations while providing a simple, self-service environment. It simplifies DNS configuration tasks and accelerates development while providing authentication/access control, reducing training needs for developers and end users. Additionnaly it also reduces the risk of DNS configuration errors.

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BlueCat – Automation Manager

BlueCat Automation Manager allows users to request changes via a simple self-service portal and drastically reduce the processing time for such requests. Flexible and extensible, BlueCat Automation Manager can be adapted to existing systems and processes to deliver immediate benefits without the need for staff retraining.

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BlueCat – DNS Edge

BlueCat DNS Edge increases visibility and control over internal and external DNS traffic. In a single platform, the attack surface of DNS can be reduced or even eliminated. Cyber attacks can also be detected and blocked. Furthermore, the product offers the possibility to detect suspicious movements and identify “patient zero”. DNS Edge simplifies DNS operations, increases security and improves your network performance in ways that traditional DNS solutions cannot provide.

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