When cyber attacks turn into major incidents, organizations need a proven partner to help them fully eradicate the threat and restore normal business operations. Arctic Wolf® believes that to fully eradicate the threat and restore normal business operations, you need a full-service incident response (IR) provider. It’s not enough to simply delete the threat. Instead, finding the root cause, documenting what happened, and restoring business operations to pre-incident conditions are vital in every response scenario to get the organization back online and prevent future incidents.

Secure the environment by eliminating threat actor access

  • Remediate root point of compromise
  • Monitor for re-entry attempts
  • Collect and preserve data and evidence

Analyze the cause and extent of the activities while inside the network

  • Establish dwell time
  • Investigate which files may have been accessed, deleted, or stolen
  • Thorough explanation of forensics findings

Restore the organization to its pre-incident condition.

  • Data recovery
  • System restoration
  • Threat actor negotiations
  • Ransom Settlements

IR JumpStart Retainer
Organizations can ensure priority access to Arctic Wolf Incident Response through their IR JumpStart Retainer. The Arctic Wolf® IR JumpStart Retainer is the first proactive incident response retainer that combines incident response planning with a 1-hour SLA and no prepaid hours.

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